Ayesha Gulalai didn’t like Jeremy McLellan Halloween Joke

Ayesha Gulalai didn’t like Jeremy McLellan Halloween Joke

Jeremy McLellan is one of the brilliant comedian whose social media updates are dubbed in humour and everyone loves it.

It’s been around three months since the American entertainer left Pakistan, yet his affection for the nation is apparent on his web-based social networking, whereby he’s continually communicating his reverence for everything without exception Pakistani.

on 31st of October world’s Halloween Day, Jeremy McLellan likewise had one thought that he imparted to his fans and supporters via social networking media. This is what he stated:

Apparently, Ayesha Gulalai didn’t like it and responded him and said.

Jeremy McLellan replied to Ayesha Gulalai, shortly!

Jeremy McLellan’s tweet gone viral on Social Media and people started participating:

One of the Best!!

Even, He discussed recently Sharmeen Obaid’s recent tweet regarding Facebook Friendship Request

So, Someone said this in reply!!

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