Islamabad police raid dance party, arrest 35 including 15 girls

Islamabad police raid dance party, arrest 35 including 15 girls

Islamabad police on Saturday raided a farmhouse where a dance party was underway and arrested at least 30 people, including 15 women.

According to Express News, about 15 girls and 20 boys were arrested from the farmhouse near Islamabad’s Bhara Kahu area. Bottles of alcohol were also seized during the raid.

A video obtained by The Express Tribune revealed some of the women arrested complained of injuries that were caused as a result of being manhandled by police officials during the raid.

The police however said, some of those arrested sustained minor injuries as they were misbehaving with the officials and resisting arrest. The girls are being kept in the Bhara Kahu police station for now.

Last year, Islamabad police raided a dance party in G-5 area and arrested at least 50 people.

The orders for the raid were issued by Assistant Commissioner Capt. (Retd) Shoaib Ali. Police officials said many men and women were dancing and playing music on loudspeakers and were also smoking tobacco and sheesha at the hotel.

In the raid, police rounded up 34 men and 16 women and booked them for “obscene acts and songs” and for violating the amplifier and the tobacco control laws.

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