Salted lassi – the most popular summer drink across Pakistan

Salted lassi – the most popular summer drink across Pakistan

Rising temperatures have led to an increase in sales of ‘lassi’ – a  traditional drink of the subcontinent which is made by blending yogurt with water and spices.

According to a report aired by a private TV channel, lassi is probably one of the most popular and loved cold beverages during summer months.

Lassi was originally salty and the sweet version was developed in the urban areas. Many areas in rural Punjab still have salted lassi.

“Salted lassi is a traditional Punjabi drink but it is popular across the country. There are many flavours of the drink in Punjab including pairalassi, barfi lassi and now fruit-flavoured lassi as people have started adding mangoes and strawberries to the drink,” said the owner of a milk and lassi shop.

“People want sweet lassi and a kulcha or paratha stuffed with chicken or mince for breakfast. Many people have salted lassi with all three meals during the summers,” he added.

A customer told the media that lassi is rich enough to act as a substitute for a meal.

“The modern version of lassi includes many fruits like mango lassi, strawberry lassi, but they are like smoothies. They either don’t have the effects of lassi but are soothing nonetheless,” another lassi-lover mentioned.

According to nutritionist Huma Usman, lassi is a healthy summer beverage for human digestive system.

“As it is prepared from yogurt, it helps soothe the digestive tract, promote digestive enzymes and aids in digestion,” she said.

Lassi being rich in nutrients works as a probiotic and helps to reduce cholesterol and boosts the intestines to absorb nutrients easily, improving metabolism, she added.

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