How to increase PTCL EVO signals and speed

How to increase PTCL EVO signals and speed

Although PTCL’s EVO (aka EVDO) service has started, it reportedly offers irregular coverage except Islamabad, resulting in several EVO customers returning their USB devices within 3 days.

(By the way, PTCL allows you to return EVO device within 3 days if there are no signals at your home/office, or if you are not satisfied with the service. Though you won’t be given cash immediately, you will have to wait for a month before you get your money back in form of cheque)

Faisal Mehmood has devised a couple of mechanisms to increase signal strength of PTCL EVO device.  The following methods will help enhance the signal strength as well as the speed of your PTCL EVO.

Method 1

Get a CD with both sides empty (meaning no sticker on either side) and flip it over to EVO device’s antenna.

Method 2

Faisal writes on his blog,

You will need a thin wire (preferably silver or copper). To get started turn the wires around the antenna, so as to form a spiral around it, as shown in the picture. The top part should stick out about 10 cms, and then you will need to add some more spirals (three or four) such that they are roughly 5 cm. After that you need to leave a straight wire about 1.5 cm in length.

To turn the wire, I would suggest you twist it around a pencil or pen and then adjust the spiral distance by hand.


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