FBR Sets Real Estate Prices in Karachi and Islamabad


Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Tuesday announced new prices of real state in Karachi and Islamabad.  Karachi has been divided into 9 categories. Commercial and residential plots have assigned different prices.

Prices of Property in Karachi:

A – One Category: The prices are as follows (per square yard)

  • Residential plots – Rs35,000
  • House – Rs40,000
  • Commercial property – Rs100,000
  • Flats – Rs5,000 (per square feet)

This category includes areas like, Clifton, DHA phase 1 and 2, Civil Line and Dhoraji

Category One: The prices are as follows (per square yard)

  • Residential plots – Rs25,000
  • House – Rs32,000
  • Commercial property – Rs75,000
  • Flats – Rs4,500 (per square feet)

Areas like DHA phase 4 and 6, Bombay Bazaar, Burns Road and Fatimah Jinnah Colony falls under this category.

Category Two: The prices are as follows (per square yard)

  • Residential plots – Rs12,000
  • House – Rs20,000
  • Commercial property – Rs60,000
  • Flats – Rs2,500 (per square feet)

Defence Housing Scheme Malir, FB Area, and Firdouse Colony comes under this category

Category Three:  The prices are as follows (per square yard)

  • Residential plots – Rs6,000
  • House – Rs13,000
  • Commercial property – Rs25,000
  • Flats – Rs1,500 (per square feet)

Bufferzone, KDA schem 7, Darkshan Cooperate Society and Delhi Colony falls in this category.


Prices of Property in Islamabad.

FBR has increased the prices of Plots from Rs. 22000, to Rs. 56000 per square yard. In sector 7.

Following areas of Islamabad have seen price hike

  • Sector F-6: from Rs18,000 to Rs48,000
  • Sector F-11: from Rs18,000 to Rs42,000
  • Sector G-7: from Rs16,000 to Rs41,000
  • Jinnah Avenue: from Rs75,000 to Rs114,000

Property prices have doubled in Blue Area.



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