Tea Whiteners are Absolutely Safe! Pakistan Dairy Association

Tea Whiteners are Absolutely Safe! Pakistan Dairy Association

Tea Whiteners are Absolutely Safe!  claims Pakistan Dairy Association. Pakistan Dairy Association’s (PDA) representatives met with the Senate standing committee of science and Technology and cleared the misconception on tea whiteners claiming they are absolutely safe to use. PDA claims that Tea whitener is an established food category in several advanced countries. In Pakistan Tea whiteners is also compliant standards established by Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA).

Tea whiteners are free of any chemicals or harmful substances are absolutely safe for human consumption. PDA said that tea whiteners are sold by responsible corporates and they ensure high quality standards.

DG and Chairman National Standards Committee of PSQCA also presented Pakistani standards which are in compliance with international standards.

Standing Committee members said:

“We have had detailed presentation on tea whiteners by pda members. We are well satisfied and also now we have much improved understanding over the recipe and composition of tea whiteners along with scientific evidence and other international standards. Undoubtedly tea whiteners are suitable alternative for tea creaming and it’s also a healthy choice.”

Pakistan Dairy Association

Pakistan Dairy Association (PDA) is a non-profit organization established in 1985. It is the regulator and a body who protects the rights of dairy farmers and milk processors of the country. More than 95% of the packaged milk sold in Pakistan are by its members.

In order to deliver the healthy and safe dairy products PDA is the only organization assisting the farmers to improve the quality of product. They also provide the structured supply chain to the farmers.

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