Peshawar Zalmi Will Host Global Zalmi Super League Next Year!

Peshawar Zalmi Will Host Global Zalmi Super League Next Year!

Pakistan Super League(PSL) Champions Peshawar Zalmi has announced to host its own Global Zalmi Super League Next Year! They made an announcement on their Official Twitter Account and stated:

Get ready Zalmis for yet another exciting tournament. It’s coming bigger this time with 16 teams from different countries will participate in Global Zalmi League. Stay tuned for more updates! #ZalmiChampions #GZL

Apparently, Last year Peshawar Zalmi initiated and held Zalmi World Cup before PSL 2 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and now Global Zalmi League will be held before PSL 3.

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Furthermore, It has been stated that:

“Peshawar Zalmi only franchise based Pakistan team in any sports which have global fans base clubs and the team over 25 countries and 16 participants teams of Global Zalmi League will also comprise of our Zalmi fans from around the Globe”.

Peshawar Zalmi also declared Global Zalmi which is chosen from a year ago Zalmi World Cup held in the United Arab Emirates.

The group comprised of young players from over the globe which had taken part in the significant occasion of Global Zalmi.

Here is the complete list of Players:

Abraash Khan Captain (Canada Zalmi)
Junaid Siddiqui (Canada Zalmi)
Faizan Amin (Melbourne Zalmi)
Rayyan Pathan (Canada Zalmi)
Rameez Ahmed (Melbourne Zalmi)
Sagheer Afridi (Dubai Zalmi)
Juniad Aziz(Bahrain Zalmi)
Adnan Khan(China Zalmi)
Mohsin Mattoo(Kashmir Zalmi)
Yatin Arora Wicket Keeper (Canada Zalmi)
Sagheer Afridi (Dubai Zalmi)
Usman Sahar (London Zalmi)
Zeeshan Khan Emerging (London Zalmi)
Jhanzaib Khan Emerging (USA Zalmi)
Zeeshan Rehman Emerging (London Zalmi)

According to the Brand Manager of Global Zalmi Iftikhar Ud Din Khattak. He said earlier:

“It’s a very balanced team with an excellent combination of young attacking batsmen and genuine quick fast bowlers, supported by leg spin option.. a bunch of super fit athletes from across the globe,”

Well, according to the sources, the full schedule and other details about Zalmi Super League will be announced in January 2018.

Watch this video:

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