Yet another controversy arises

Yet another controversy arises

Yet another controversy arises, whenever it’s a woman that’s making Pakistan proud, some Pakistanis never change.

Maryam Nasim, a Melbourne based weightlifter was born in Peshawar. She left for Melbourne to achieve in higher studies and started gym and weightlifting as for the weight loss purpose but that’s what became her passion and so on she decided to pursue it as a pro and as she did, Maryam entered the weightlifting championship representing her country Pakistan, instead of being proud and encouraging her attitude the Pakistani people pointed at her clothing during the championship, people passed comments saying “being Pakistani she shouldn’t be wearing knee high attire publicly and whatsoever that brings Pakistan down” but that didn’t stop Maryam.


Instead she dealt with such commenters in her own witty way by warning people on her Snapchat from not seeing the upcoming “haram” pictures and if so they did she asked them to shove their comments up in their bum. She says she was being humorous while dealing with haters and fake shaming in name of Pakistan.

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