New and better player in Media-Ratings game

New and better player in Media-Ratings game

Media ratings practices in Pakistan are based merely on speculations and irrelevant measures. The TV ratings provider Media Logic that is considered to be authentic by some has itself gone through a series of controversies, for instance, the famous Express News controversy in 2015. On the other hand, the technique to derive ratings through a very small sample size while claiming to represent the nationwide results is the bigger issue. However, recently we have witnessed an emergence of a new ratings provider known as MediaVoir, that has taken a step ahead to derive media ratings with accurate results. The process they have adapted is   that which is followed in developed countries such as United States and United Kingdom.

When we talk about ratings, the first question that arises is that who are the leading broadcasters in the media business? Let’s discuss the trend going on in the market:

In the top channels (all-genre), BOL News leads the game due to its attractive content and vibrant theme, while HUM TV takes the second position with excellent entertainment program. ARY Digital, ARY News, GEO News and GEO Entertainment take the succession.


If we further classify the above mentioned list, then there are only two categories that are mainly existing in Pakistani media industries, which are Entertainment and News. In the Entertainment industry, HUM TV takes the lead with its touchy content that represents the true values of Pakistan. Going down the list, ARY Digital being one of the oldest players in the industry, takes the second position while GEO Entertainment and GEO Kahaani are the next two channels.

If we only talk about the news industry, BOL News of course is the leader while on second number, ARY News stands still. GEO News, PAK News, Dunya and Samaa make their way to the third, fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively.

While few TV channels cater to other categories as well such as; music, sports, movies, kids, cooking and infotainment. In music, 8XM is the winner, in sports, Ten Sports, in movies, Filmworld, in kids, cartoon network, in cooking show, Masala TV and in infotainment, Animal Planet.

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