“Awaami suo motu” of Axact Scandal Is Acing Out Its Rivals

“Awaami suo motu” of Axact Scandal Is Acing Out Its Rivals

A few days ago, CEO Axact, Mr. Shoaib Shiekh has made his first ever media appearance for an interview after the Axact scandal came into limelight. During his interview for a private media channel, he unveils many aspects of the case that surely opened the ways for the general public to understand what the allegations against Axact actually is, and where do Axact stand in their defense.

A tough interview session, named as “Awaami suo motu” means the “Public suo motu” has given us the other side of the story against what the media is portraying to us. During the Interview, CEO said that the allegation against us about the illegal transfer of money abroad is ridiculous. Axact has been accused of money laundering the amount of around 100 to 120 million, while Axact is bringing the reserves of around 36 billion in Pakistan. “We were registered IT exporters, we were bringing foreign exchange reserves in the country, and according to the constitution of Pakistan, IT services provider officially bringing exchange reserves to the country can transfer up to 35% of his reserves abroad to any vendor”.

He said that FIA has accused him of transferring funds illegally (through Hundi). He believed the cases against him are fake. Supporting his claim, he also questioned that how come the FIRs has been filed in Karachi and Rawalpindi against the same sections? This matter is still adjudication.

“They made a fake FBI letter against us” he added.

Shoaib Shiekh further clarified his position mentioning the fact that DG FIA has written this in his report that according to their forensic head, Axact is operating legally.

“Honorable judge has acquitted us”

He also spoke about unjustness with him saying that these sort of cases usually allows an easy form of bail as personal bond, but in his case, the bail was not granted till one and a half year. Moreover, later on, FIA itself negated the fake letter against Axact in order to trial the IT Company on the basis of forge case.

The interview also revealed that no bear witnesses in the court have witnessed against Axact. Shoaib feared that some forces are making the court verdict controversial. The CEO also demands that for free and fair trial, the formed JIT should not have any federal institution. He said that some people start bashing courts if the ruling is not in their favor.

He believed that the cases have been formed by his opponents in the media industry. The court ruling is completely merit-based. The investigation officer has also accepted that no evidence against Axact has been found. He also accused that Jang group, Dunya group, and Express Media group are also making the court’s verdict controversial. The program also highlighted the issue of Chief Justice’s statement regarding Shahbaz Shareef to be next prime minister. The Jang group has not published the denial of their misreporting as per ordered by Supreme Court. Instead, they published criticism. Mir Shakil ur Rehman hasn’t responded the show cause notice so far.

In the first section of Pubilc sou motu, they demanded the report from DG FIA that if the allegations are correct we should take the matter to the logical conclusion. While on the other hand, and if it’s not true, then those who made these cooked up stories should also be taken to logical conclusion. The CEO commented in the first section that, FIA who has been investigating the matter, their own DG’s report negates all the allegations against Axact. He confidently gives all references to FIA report in which it’s clearly mentioned that the allegations against Axact are baseless.

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