Fahad Mirza performs scalp reconstruction surgery on Sajid Hasan

Fahad Mirza performs scalp reconstruction surgery on Sajid Hasan

Earlier, Pakistani actor Sajid Hassan posted a shocking video in which he shared his experience about his unfortunate hair transplant.

In a video message, Sajid Hasan has revealed how he decided to go for a hair transplant. He said that one of his close acquaintances, who is a doctor, had been pleading him for nine years to get a hair transplant done from him.

He accepted the plea around two months ago but found it strange that prior to the “surgery”, no medical tests were conducted.

Hasan stated that a day after the transplant process began, he fell sick and suffered an infection on his head as well as severe fever for 10 days.

Now, Hasan is ready to undergo scalp reconstruction surgery by the doctor turned actor Fahad Mirza.

In the video, Mirza says,

“I have Sajid Hasan with me here. We’re taking him for scalp reconstruction, and God willing, we will have Hasan bhai back in no time.”

Dr Fahad Mirza is doing Sajid Hassan’s scalp reconstruction surgery

Dr Fahad Mirza is doing Sajid Hassan’s scalp reconstruction surgery . May Allah give him and his team success and complete recovery to Sajid Hassan Ameen.

Posted by All Pakistan Drama Page on Saturday, February 17, 2018

Hasan adds that it’s Mirza’s promise and “it better come true”.

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