Man throws punches at wife for ‘disconnecting WiFi’ in India

Man throws punches at wife for ‘disconnecting WiFi’ in India

A woman was badly beaten up by her husband for allegedly switching off the WiFi connection in India’s Hyderabad on Wednesday, according to police.

Reshma Sultana had reportedly switched off the WiFi connection, forcing her husband to go to sleep which got him angry and he started throwing punches viciously at her.

Sultana’s mother lodged a complaint at a nearby police station in Somajiguda area of the city after the incident.

The victim, a mother of three, is admitted to a private hospital enduring treatment for injuries she received on chest, face and head.

The couple had marital differences and counselling is going on before registering the case against husband to arrest him, a police official said.

This article originally appeared on NDTV.

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