Pakistan’s first urban forest reaches greater heights

Pakistan’s first urban forest reaches greater heights

The satisfaction of having achieved his goal reflected in Shahzad Qureshi’s face as he gazed at the trees he planted some 20 months ago.

Inspired by Indian eco-entrepreneur Shubhendu Sharma, whose company develops native and urban forest in cities, Qureshi immediately decided to implement the idea in Karachi in a park adjacent to Neher-e-Khayam in Clifton Block 5. Almost two years later, 95% of the saplings he planted are growing into healthy trees.


The forest is now 20 to 25 feet dense and it is almost impossible to freely move inside it due to its verdure of differing heights and sizes. The forest now also attracts different kinds of birds, insects and worms, which makes it bio-diverse. Colourful butterflies have also been spotted fluttering about.

Shahzad Qureshi has done something which seems impossible for an individual, yet he gives credit to his supporters and people who have been through with him in rough times. We must admit that the Urban Forest was possible because of his sheer determination and the undying will of changing something. It is about time that we all combine our individual efforts and contribute back to This beautiful city called Karachi.

Let’s make it Green again.

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