Positive dope test result was a “unintentional error,” Talha Talib

Positive dope test result was a “unintentional error,” Talha Talib

In a letter to the Pakistan Weightlifting Federation (PWF), weightlifter Talha Talib described his positive dope test result as a “unintentional error,” according to The News.

All Pakistani weightlifters were subjected to surprise dope tests performed by the International Testing Agency and the International Weightlifting Federation in Gujranwala and Lahore.

Talha penned a letter after failing a drug test lately, claiming that he did it unintentionally.

Three weightlifters, including Talha, were found to have evidence of forbidden drugs in their tests, which might result in a four-year suspension. On March 14, he was placed on leave.

Talha claimed in his letter to PWF that “he had no awareness about the existence of illegal drugs in his body” and that he would “never even consider” breaking doping laws.

“He might have made an inadvertent error, which could have been due to a lack of information,” the 22-year-old added, “and for that he is sorry.” Talha, whose previous nine dope tests were all negative, has also opted not to submit a B-sample since he is confident in the laboratory’s findings.

Talha was the first Pakistani woman to win a medal at the World Weightlifting Championships, taking bronze in Tashkent last year. He came within a whisker of earning a medal for Pakistan at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. “I’ve always maintained a diary.”

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