Sandra Bullock has ‘cancelled’ her marriage plan with Bryan Randall

Sandra Bullock has ‘cancelled’ her marriage plan with Bryan Randall

Sandra Bullock has allegedly put her six-year boyfriend Bryan Randall’s marriage preparations on hold for some time.

When talking marriage with the photographer, the Lost City star, who was previously cheated on by her ex-husband Jesse James, has ‘cold feet.’

According to OK!, an informant recently said that Randall has been thinking about her failed marriage, but he’s been concerned about their connection.

“For years, Bryan hasn’t wanted to press too hard since he knows her first marriage ended so tragically,” according to the outlet’s source.

“Bryan has demonstrated that he will never betray Sandra,” said the insider. “As a result, he takes it personally when she refuses to take the next step with him.”

According to the insider, Bullock can be “quite obstinate,” and the more he pushes, the more she closes off.”

“There’s no question she adores Bryan and wishes to spend the rest of her life with him, but she’s also quite independent and refuses to be coerced into anything.” “the insider explained.

Furthermore, Randall believes they don’t need a prenup, “but Sandra believes it’s vital and wants to preserve what’s hers.”

“It’s putting Sandra off the notion of ever getting married again!” the person stated.

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