WATCH VIDEO: A crocodile jumps aboard a fishing boat, interrupting the journey of a couple

WATCH VIDEO: A crocodile jumps aboard a fishing boat, interrupting the journey of a couple

A crocodile jumps into a couple’s fishing boat in a terrifying video.

Kathryn Dyball and Cameron Bates recorded their scary encounter and uploaded it to YouTube. They say the event happened when they were fishing in their 15-foot longboat in northeastern Australia.

“TIDES — Kat and Cam’s Kimberley Adventures” is the name of their YouTube channel.

The movie was accompanied by the following caption: “We dispatched our 4.6m tinny across the King Sound with 7 jerry cans and a bag, and then island-hopped our way across the Buccaneer Archipelago in the remote Kimberley. Fort goldys, northern jewfish, mudcrabs, coral trout, and even a naughty saltwater crocodile that tried to leap into our boat!”

They were having a good time on their expedition when they noticed a predator lurking in the water.

The pair captured the moment the lizard was drawn to them because of the fish bait on video. He swims fast towards the boat and climbs on.

The crocodile pursues the couple’s fishing line, which they had tossed into the water.

It slams against the phone that is being used to record the incident. The animal clings to the side of the boat for a brief period before slipping back into the sea.

On YouTube, the video has almost 160,000 views.

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