When her husband, Prince Philip, died, Queen Elizabeth ‘said nothing’: a royal advisor

When her husband, Prince Philip, died, Queen Elizabeth ‘said nothing’: a royal advisor

According to Hello magazine, Queen Elizabeth’s special royal assistant detailed the monarch’s reaction to her beloved husband Prince Philip’s death last year in April at the age of 99.

In her book The Other Side of the Coin, The Queen, the Dresser, and the Wardrobe, Angela Kelly revealed that the monarch spent some time alone following Philip’s death.

Kelly, one of the Queen’s closest confidantes, recalls waiting in the monarch’s dressing room for her to return from the Duke of Edinburgh’s burial.

“I helped her off with her coat and hat and no words were spoken,” Kelly wrote in her book.

Queen Elizabeth'

She added: “The Queen then walked to her sitting room, closed the door behind her, and she was alone with her own thoughts.”

Kelly was also a member of the ‘HMS Bubble,’ a group of royal aides picked to isolate with the Queen and Philip to safeguard them during the COVID epidemic.

“The attitude among all the Royal personnel in the bubble at Windsor Castle was dismal,” Kelly said of the day Philip died. After the family had been notified, just a handful of us were informed.”

“You could see the expression of pain on everyone’s faces to witness such a brilliant and well-respected guy completing his final trip,” Kelly wrote of the staff’s thoughts and feelings at Philip’s funeral on April 17.

“I’m sure their thoughts were for The Queen, who had just lost husband and closest friend.” 
The country mourned with Her Majesty, and their hearts went out to her.”

“I’m sure some of the prayers were offered by people who had never prayed before,” she continued. 

Those prayers, believe, were said to keep The Queen strong in the months ahead, when she would be separated from her husband.”
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