Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale ‘took a chance’ against West Ham, according to West Ham manager Dermot Gallagher

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale ‘took a chance’ against West Ham, according to West Ham manager Dermot Gallagher

DERMOT’S OPINION: “Jarrod Bowen received a yellow card for simulation as a result of this.

“‘Is it a red-card offence from the goalkeeper?’ people ask when they hear about this occurrence.

“It would have to be egregious foul play to warrant a red card. I’m not denying that he went to get the player. There is no question in his mind that he wants to halt the player.


“It’s tough to dismiss a player for a significant foul play offence when there is no contact. It isn’t impossible, but it is quite tough.

“Overall, I believe the greatest decision for simulation would be no yellow card.” Accept that the goalie acted rashly, that the player made evasive action, but that he did not imitate.”

“I don’t think a player needs to be seriously injured for it to be a major infraction,” Gallagher continued.

“I believe that issuing a red card to a player who has not made touch with another player is quite tough.” I wouldn’t call it impossible, but it’s quite difficult.

“On this occasion, the goalie made a hasty decision. He took a chance. The goalie is focused on stopping the player, and I believe he was fortunate.

“Bowen had no choice but to elude him, which is why I don’t believe he received a yellow card. I believe it would have been more appropriate if the referee had just issued a throw-in. Bowen is the one for whom I feel sad. I’m delighted he didn’t get hurt, but he was unfortunate enough to receive a booking.”

“Because of the rapidity with which Ramsdale emerges, I believe it is a foul. Bowen has to ride the tackle, which means he’ll lose his equilibrium. I don’t believe it is a red card, but rather Ramsdale’s rashness, which indicates a foul.”

“It’s a pretty intriguing topic,” Sue Smith said on Sky Sports News. Bowen shouldn’t have been booked for that because as a footballer, you smash the ball about and see the challenge coming in when you’re racing through at such a fast rate. You see Ramsdale racing at you at a breakneck speed, and you do everything you can to avoid being hurt.

“He shouldn’t have gotten a yellow card for that, and I believe Ramsdale should have been called for a foul even if he didn’t make contact. That’s the problem because he’s lucky he didn’t connect with him because it would’ve been a clear red card if he had.”

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