Take a peek at Kriti Sanon demonstrating a fun gym exercise using the Bosu ball

Take a peek at Kriti Sanon demonstrating a fun gym exercise using the Bosu ball

There’s no denying that Kriti Sanon has a toned physique, but how does she maintain it?

On Instagram, the star shared a humorous exercise video in which she was seen working out with a Bosu ball. “Workouts may also be enjoyable! “All you have to do now is #KeepMoving!” she said in the video’s description.

The Raabta actor was seen wearing a pair of tight leggings and a matching lilac crop top at the gym. On the bouncing Bosu ball, which looks like an exercise ball sliced in half with a flat surface and an inflated side, she completed a few unique movements.



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Kriti hopped and leaped, moving her weight from one leg to the other, first sideways, then front and back, and finally utilising both legs at the same time.

While it appears to be simple and enjoyable, the Bosu ball workout may be difficult. It allows you to exercise your muscles while improving your balance on an uneven terrain. In fact, the rounded surface of the Bosu ball is ideal for abdominal and back stretches.

It focuses on the muscles of the lower leg and the superficial trunk muscles, making it a useful exercise for recovering from injuries and getting relief from back discomfort.

In addition, the ball can help the cardiovascular system as well as muscular strength and control.

Would you want to give it a shot?

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