40 crocodiles in the water, as lion is left standing on top of a dead hippo

40 crocodiles in the water, as lion is left standing on top of a dead hippo

A lion was left trapped on top of a dead hippo while being encircled by up to 40 crocodiles in the water, which was captured on camera. Antony Pesi shot the footage while on a game drive in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve on May 23, 2022. He came saw a hippopotamus carcass floating in a river, surrounded by ravenous predators.

On closer investigation, he noticed that a scavenger lioness, sensing an easy meal, was standing on top of the hippo’s body, unable to flee the approaching crocodiles. The spectacular footage shows the lioness running straight through a group of 40 crocodiles in the water.

The crocodiles swimming in front of her opened their jaws as the lioness attempted to jump off the dead hippo. Even as the crocodiles try to get her, the lioness manages to leap over them. However, she amazingly escapes by swimming to land soon. With over 33,700 views on YouTube, the frightening video has gone viral.


Watch video below:

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