After posting war support, a Putin supporter stabbed his pregnant lover Aina Dalskaya to death

After posting war support, a Putin supporter stabbed his pregnant lover Aina Dalskaya to death

A fervent Vladimir Putin supporter is being jailed on suspicion of murdering his pregnant girlfriend. He has frequently expressed his admiration for Russia’s murderous campaign on Ukraine.
After Aina Dalskaya, 35, was fatally stabbed in front of her 11-year-old son, children’s entertainer Pavel Ivanov was arrested.

Ivanov, 31, posed in a car with a Z-sign, a symbol of Russia’s conflict in Ukraine, in a recent photo.

He was dressed in camouflage and wielded a crossbow and knife.


“Banderlogs [an derogatory slang name for Ukrainians] are hiding someplace,” the caption reads. “Let’s go hunting!”

When he allegedly killed his lover, he was also said to be wearing a shirt with the ‘Z’ emblem on it.

The Russian army’s symbol in Ukraine has been compared to the Nazi swastika by some. The ‘Z’ was blacked out by investigators.

Dalskaya and Ivanov performed as PAW Patrol, Spiderman, Lady Bug, and Harry Potter as children’s entertainment.

Images obtained by Mash media site from CCTV in Vsevolozhsk, Leningrad area, show the victim collapsing on the floor shortly after being stabbed in front of her astonished son.

Dalskaya had left her husband Dmitry Dalsky to live with Ivanov, but their relationship had deteriorated to the point where she had moved out before returning.

According to Dalsky, she was on the phone with her ex-husband at the time she was stabbed.

“At the time, I was on a video conference with Aina,” he explained to Mash.

“She was standing with her back to the entrance when [a man] came up behind her, stabbed her, stole her phone, seized her purse, and took the money before fleeing.”

After apprehending Ivanov, law enforcement agents are shown in a video.

The Russian Investigative Committee stated, “He is currently being interviewed on the circumstances of the crime.”

“He will be charged in the near future, and a measure of constraint will be selected.”

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