Bol Unveils Grand Sets Like No Other

Bol Unveils Grand Sets Like No Other
Ramazan at Bol is altogether different ballgame. Every year, Pakistan’s leading televangelist Amir Liaquat Hussain graces Bol’s TV screen with his signature charm and charisma along with beautiful sets, thoughtful Islamic programs, and an enlightened discourse among the top clerics of the country that not only educates the audience but also adds to the sanctity of the holy month.
But this year, Bol unveils something that was never offered before: the grandest sets that compel the audience to stick to the channel no matter what. The colorful and artistic sets decked out with eye-catching designs add to the beauty of the show, taking it to the dizzying heights of popularity among a wide body of audience across the country. To say that the lavish and exorbitantly flashy sets are the centerpiece of the entire Ramazan transmission would not be off the mark. In fact, the very first Ramazan transmission has taken the country by storm chiefly due to the sets that have caught the audience’s fancy like nothing else.
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