Cat Uses This Brilliant Trick To Outsmart Dog Chasing Her

Cat Uses This Brilliant Trick To Outsmart Dog Chasing Her

When you have lively creatures about you, it’s hard to be bored, just like the cartoon Tom & Jerry that you may watch on repeat for hours on end. Many pet owners who have both cats and dogs in their home will tell you that there is never a dull moment with them, just like having a girl and boy as children who fight all the time.

Dogs have a natural desire to pursue fleeing smaller creatures, which is also shared by cats. And cats frequently have to climb up to places where dogs are unable to reach or deceive the dogs. In this video, we see a scaredy cat outsmarting a dog that was chasing her.

The video was sent on Twitter by ‘Yoda4ever,’ who captioned it, “In a great move, cat outsmarts puppy…” It has over 397k views, 23k likes, and 3,500 retweets on Twitter. It depicts a cat leaping onto a paddleboard in a swimming pool while the dog watches to see if the cat falls in. The cat, on the other hand, manages to float across the pool on the board and safely jump across the other side. The dog appears defeated and perplexed by what has just occurred.


Watch viral video below:

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