Emilie Charton: Teacher, 30, ‘kissed and groped student, 17, after being “flirty”

Emilie Charton: Teacher, 30, ‘kissed and groped student, 17, after being “flirty”

A TEACHER has been charged with “groping and kissing a teen student” as well as acting “flirtatiously” while drinking in a nightclub.

On the night in question in March 2018, Emilie Charton went to Skinandi’s nightclub in Thurso, Caithness, with physics instructor Ashley McConnell.

When the two teachers from Thurso High School went to the nightclub together for drinks, they had only known each other for about six months.


Ms Charton, a French instructor, said Miss McConnell ordered Budweisers, Jack Daniels, and cokes “two or three times” while she was there.

On the night she reportedly kissed a 17-year-old student, she alleges Miss McConnell, who was 30 at the time, was “more than tipsy” and “felt like she wanted to party.”

Ms Charton stated that she did not believe her colleague was in command, but that she does not recall her making any moves toward anyone.

Following an examination into her alleged behaviour, Miss McConnell now faces being struck off the teaching register by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS).

The mother of two admits to holding hands with the adolescent at the nightclub, but not kissing him.

The Thurso High School student told school officials he kissed her “three or four times,” the tribunal heard Tuesday.

She’s also accused of dancing with the pupil in a “sexualized” manner and touching him around the groyne and rear.

Ms Charton, who recently graduated from Thurso High School, testified at the hearing today, saying, “I met Ashley and had known her for approximately six months when we went out.”

“I understand our professional limits with students and that we should not socialise with them on a personal level.”

“Ashley was drinking Jack Daniels and coke while ordering Budweiser two or three times.”

“I don’t think she was in complete control of her actions; she was a little tipsy, and I don’t recall her making any advances.”

“It would never have happened if she had been sober, because when people are intoxicated, they do things they normally wouldn’t.”


“I had to push Ashley away from the party because she was feeling like she wanted to party.”

“At about 3.15 a.m., I arranged for a taxi and left the club to make a 30-second phone call; after the club closed, we met a man Ashley knew.”

“I didn’t hear everything Ashley said to the man because they were so far apart, but the girl was fairly loud with her comments.”

“When Ashley gave the girl the finger, she was inebriated, more aggressive, more sensitive to the criticisms.

“I’d never seen her act flirtatiously before, and all of this leads me to believe she wasn’t in control.”

“I had only seen her at work or in social settings, so I hadn’t seen her flirt or be in control of her behaviour.”


Someone had attempted to kiss her, it was late, and I needed to get home.

“I don’t leave my friends alone, she was inebriated, and there had been an altercation, so I just thought it was best if we went.”

“I don’t drink much; I had a glass of prosecco at dinner and then maybe a couple of gin and tonics, which is my preferred drink when I’m out,” she says. “I wouldn’t characterise myself as completely sober, but tipsy is a strong word.”

“I believe my recall is correct.”

She added: “I was given her registration class while she was suspended and they seemed quite sad, I had only heard good things about her as a teacher.”


Dr. Fiona Grant, the school’s former head teacher, told the GTCS hearing yesterday how she began an investigation into the claims.

Miss McConnell was suspended after a video of the alleged event was presented to school officials by concerned students.

“Miss McConnell’s palm is flat towards pupil A’s groyne,” Dr. Grant remarked of a still image from the video.

Students stated the teacher was dancing in a “sexualized” and “dirty” manner at the nightclub.

“He had danced on three or four occasions with the teacher for roughly 10 minutes,” Dr Grant said of her interview with the male child Miss McConnell allegedly kissed, known only as Pupil A.

“He described the dance as flirty at times and close at other times,” he said.

“He thought it was inappropriate, and he removed himself from the scene because he felt it had gone too far.”

“Miss McConnell kissed him three or four times,” he said.

“He then became irritated, indicating that her focus on him had gone too far.

“He told her to stop and then blanked her for the rest of the night,” says the narrator.

Miss McConnell is also accused of asking two students at the club to “f**k off” while indicating with two fingers.

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