HORRIFIC MOMENT: Shark is found chopped in HALF, causing controversy about gruesome death

HORRIFIC MOMENT: Shark is found chopped in HALF, causing controversy about gruesome death

This is the horrifying moment a shark was discovered split in two on a beach, and the cause of its death has divided opinion.

The rotting body was discovered on a Canadian beach, and a photo of it was shared online with people curious as to what had happened to it.



The person who posted it on Reddit said they saw “this sad guy yesterday” on a beach on Oak Island and were baffled as to why it had been split in half.

Because of its “nose form, white markings, and dark backside of the dorsal,” one user identified the shark as a “Atlantic Sharpnose.”

Others were curious as to how it died, with some speculating that it may have been killed by a larger animal or sliced in half in a terrifying propeller accident.

“This was not a mishap on the water! This wasn’t your average propeller. This wasn’t your typical coral reef. It wasn’t Jack the Ripper, either “a user said.

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