Kohsar Festival 2022: WBM Sponsors festival to promotote tourism in Murree

Kohsar Festival 2022: WBM Sponsors festival to promotote tourism in Murree

WBM Online Shopping in Pakistan has proudly supported the ‘Kohsar Festival 2022’ to boost tourism in Murree, allowing tourists to learn more about Pakistan’s rich culture and heritage.

Pakistan is a beautiful and fascinating country, and its tourism potential is gradually being exploited. Pakistan has experienced a considerable surge in tourism in recent years, with visitors from all over the world flocking to the country to sample its culture, cuisine, and natural beauty.

This trend is expected to continue as more individuals learn about all that Pakistan has to offer. Pakistan’s tourism industry is primed for exponential expansion in the next years, thanks to the government’s backing.


A piece of good news for all Pakistanis is that a huge tourism event dubbed ‘Kohsar Festival 2022’ will be hosted in Murree from the 13th to the 15th of June, thanks to the efforts of the Punjab Sports Board and the Punjab Government.

WBM (World Business Management), the event’s main sponsor, is an international corporation with a long history of producing, distributing, and selling a wide range of consumer goods.

WBM strives to encourage tourism and highlight Pakistan’s cultural activities in order to strengthen the country’s economy. This event is a fantastic opportunity for travellers to see the beauty of Murree, one of Pakistan’s most recognised hill stations, thanks to collaborative efforts.

The event is part of the Punjab government’s ongoing efforts to promote tourism and sports activities, as well as provide opportunities for young people.

Kohsar Festival 2022

Main Activities at the Kohsar Festival, 2022

The 3-day sports festival will be one of the best for the tourism industry, with preparations beginning much earlier for a flawless experience. On the 12th of June, the festival will kick off with a ‘Sufi Night.’ The event will feature a number of well-known Tiktokers and singers.

Murree will host the festival, which will go off with a spectacular opening ceremony on Mall Road.

“Every possible step is being made to ensure the Kohsar Festival in Murree is a success. “The Punjab Sports and Youth Affairs Department is taking all possible means to promote sports culture in the district,” stated Asadullah Faiz, Secretary of the Punjab Tourism Department.

The festival will also feature 8 other sports competitions, including Table Tennis, Cycling, Mini Marathon, Football, Volleyball, Skating, Tug of War, and Para Archery, in addition to other events.

This big event will feature participants from all across Punjab, as well as local athletes. The regional games will be a showcase for the talented athletes.

Kohsar Festival 2022

Table Tennis: There are several table tennis events planned for the festival including a table tennis tournament that will be held continuously from 13-15th June 2022.

Skating: On frozen lakes or ponds, it’s a game of skill and chance. The goal is to glide as far as possible across the ice without falling. Skates, blades, and poles are used to move players ahead.

Mini-Marathon: A mini-marathon from Lower Topa to Bhurban Cricket Ground will be held as part of the event, in addition to other games. The mini-marathon this year allows participants to enjoy some of Kohsar’s beautiful splendour while running a short course.

Volleyball: This year, one of the games that are being played is Volleyball. Volleyball is a great way to get in shape and have some fun at the same time.

Cycling: Cycling is considered one of the most prestigious events of the festival, which will take place from Lower Topa to Bhurban on June 14, 2022.

“In the recent past times, Jhang Kabaddi Festival, Jhang, and Mir Chakar Azam Rind Games were organized in South Punjab with the participation of thousands of youths all across Punjab. We are also going to hold this mega Kohsar Festival 2022 in a much seemly manner in Murree,” added Asadullah Faiz, Secretary, Tourism Department Punjab.

All WBM-sponsored sporting events are expected to draw large crowds, with news outlets such as ARY, Bol News, Geo, City42, and Dunya providing extensive coverage.

Bus Facility for the Event

WBM, as the event’s sponsor, will give the greatest facilities to the authorities and participating teams, thanks to the partnership of the Punjab Sports Board and the Punjab Government.

WBM will provide transportation to the Kohsar Festival’s participating teams and officials, for example. For the three days of the festival, buses will travel from Islamabad for Murree.

Kohsar Festival 2022

The Kohsar Festival’s tourism activities has enormous potential to transform people’s perceptions of Murree both at home and abroad, particularly in light of a previous tragedy in which a lack of security and necessary measures resulted in a huge number of deaths.

The government, with the support of WBM, would be able to stress the importance of encouraging tourism for the welfare of Pakistan and the promotion of its cultural legacy during the three-day Kohsar Festival in Murree.

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