Liese Dodd a pregnant woman, 22, was discovered BEHEADED. Her ex was arrested on suspicion of murder

Liese Dodd a pregnant woman, 22, was discovered BEHEADED. Her ex was arrested on suspicion of murder

A PREGNANT woman was discovered beheaded as her family prepared for her baby shower, according to authorities.

After her remains were discovered in her Alton, Illinois, home on June 9, 2022, cops arrested Liese Dodd’s ex-boyfriend, Deundrea Holloway, on suspicion of murder.

Liese Dodd

Liese Dodd’s remains were found in her Alton, Illinois home on June 9Credit: facebook

Liese Dodd

Cops said her head was found in a dumpsterCredit: Facebook

According to court documents obtained by the St Louis Dispatch, the 22-year-head old’s was discovered in a garbage outside her residence.


Dodd, who was eight months pregnant at the time, was set to give birth in July, and her family was planned her baby shower for that month.

The baby would have been her first child, according to her relatives.

“We were just excited and gathering the materials you need to have a baby,” Dodd’s mother Heidi Noel told KMOV.

“She hadn’t decided on a name just yet. ‘My tiny bean,’ she said. As a result, we were referring to the baby as ‘baby bean.'”

Noel went to check on her when she discovered her remains, according to Alton Police Chief Marcos Pulido.

He described her death as “savage,” adding that it was “beyond terrible.”

“This daughter, this mother-to-be, and her family were organising a baby shower that was scheduled to be at the end of June, but now the family is arranging a funeral because of what a monster did,” Pulido said.

According to KMOV, cops discovered that Dodd and Holloway, both 22, dated on and off for around two years.

Holloway faces two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of intentional homicide of an unborn child.

He’s also accused of dismembering a human body, concealing a homicide death, and driving while intoxicated.

“We believe the evidence will prove that the defendant’s horrible acts here murdered both a young woman and the child she carried in her womb,” Madison County State Attorney Thomas Haine said.

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