Malik Riaz denies leaked audio clip, terms it fake

Malik Riaz denies leaked audio clip, terms it fake

Malik Riaz, a property tycoon, called an audio clip attributed to him on social media “false” on Sunday, threatening legal action against anyone behind the ‘plot.’

Earlier in the day, leaders of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) released an audio tape purporting to be a discussion between the business tycoon and his daughter, describing how Farah Gogi allegedly ‘demanded a gift’ for former first lady Bushra Bibi.

During the call, the woman told her father that Farah allegedly requested a valuable diamond as a gift for the former first lady in exchange for “removing locks” on a building site and retracting a report against her father.


During that conversation, it was revealed that Farah Gogi had previously rejected a three-carat diamond provided by a business tycoon’s daughter as unworthy and unfit for the first lady, whom she supposedly claimed frequently wore such items, and instead requested a five-carat diamond.

Farah chastised the lady for sending “just a five-carat diamond ring,” the lady could be heard telling her father. She further stated that if a “more valuable gift” was offered, the former premier would remove sanctions against the business tycoon’s projects.

“With cutting-edge technology like Deep Fake, creating an audio conversation shouldn’t come as a surprise,” Riaz wrote in his statement.

“I absolutely detest these continuous attacks on me, now involving my family too.”

Riaz said that he intends to pursue the matter legally and will be using all possible legal forums to find people behind the conspiracy against him.

“Anyone found to be originator and facilitators in spreading fake material will be taken to task,” he warned.

‘Imran, Bushra and Farah troika made billions during PTI tenure’

Earlier in the day, PML-N leaders Attaullah Tarar and Uzma Bukhari stated that during the time of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government, a trio of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, his wife Bushra Bibi, and her friend Farah Gogi made “billions.”

“It started in 2019, when Imran Khan handed Ahsan Jamil Gujjar – Farah’s husband – relief worth Rs320 million under an amnesty scheme,” PML-N leader Atta Ullah Tarar remarked at a press conference in Lahore alongside Uzma Bukhari. He went on to say that the previous PM granted the relief because of his personal ties with Bushra and Farah.

Throughout the PTI’s rule, Tarar claimed, Imran Khan and his family continued to engage in corruption. “During PTI’s reign, commissions and kickbacks were distributed, and new records of corruption were created.”

He said that Farah Gogi utilised Bushra Bibi’s clout to secure posts and transfers in Punjab, and that Ahsan Gujjar and Farah Gogi currently own Rs10 billion in assets.

“What were once million-dollar assets are now billion-dollar assets.” He went on to say, “They should tell the impoverished Pakistanis so that they might use their knowledge to get out of poverty.”

Imran Khan has never reported his assets, according to Tarar, and no one knows how he makes a living. He claimed that bribes were utilised to appoint officers in Punjab, and that the CM Secretariat was used for this. “Bushra Maneka was looking for a way to gain money by using her spouse. During these years, Farah Gogi “essentially governed Pakistan,” he alleged.

According to the PML-N leader, the previous premier abused his power in response to Bushra Maneka’s directives. “The trio of Imran Khan, Bushra Maneka, and Farah Gogi made billions by selling bribe-purchased diamonds in Dubai,” he claimed.

He claimed that Imran Khan used to raise slogans against others for corruption, but that he has yet to provide a financial trail.

Mafias increased under Imran Khan’s leadership, according to Tarar, and he must reply to the claims. “The audio leak makes it plain how Farah Gogi amassed assets worth billions of dollars. It’s evident that she wants a five-carat diamond and has turned down a three-carat one. This is just one example; there are many others.

He claimed that Farah Gogi fled Pakistan as soon as she realised she was likely to be arrested, and that Imran Khan assisted her in doing so.

Another PML-N lawmaker, Uzma Bukhari, stated that her party was aware of the PTI government’s misbehaviour and that now “proofs” are being made public.

“The audio only discloses one incidence [of bribery], but it’s not the whole narrative… it’s simply a trailer for a movie,” she added.

Imran Khan, according to Uzma, kept two “front women” to cover his corruption. “There is a cliche that there is a woman behind every successful guy,” she continued, “but there were two ladies in Imran Khan’s case.”

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