Mum was rescued from the guts of a 27-foot snake ‘like a horror movie’ after it swallowed her whole

Mum was rescued from the guts of a 27-foot snake ‘like a horror movie’ after it swallowed her whole

Despite the fact that a woman was swallowed whole by a gigantic snake four years ago, her story continues to stun internet users around the world.
Wa Tiba, a mother of two, was 54 when her body was discovered inside a 23-foot-long snake in Indonesia.

Her body was covered in slime and was only discovered when the snake’s bloated body was opened up – and it was all caught on video.

The alarm was sparked after Wa failed to return home one afternoon in June 2018 after going out to do some gardening.


Wa’s sons made the terrifying discovery after observing a monster python with a massive bulging belly that was barely able to move on the ground just yards away from them.


Wa Tiba’s body was discovered inside a huge snake (Image: Viral Press)

Her head was pointing towards the snake’s tail, and her feet were near to its mouth, indicating that she had been swallowed head first.

Residents of the secluded town in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, were afraid for their life at the time of the stomach-churning tragedy.

“Everyone was crying, everyone was surprised,” eyewitness Ayu Kartika said. The poor lady. It’s like something out of a horror film. People are frightened.

huge snake

Locals cut the 23 foot-long snake open to find that she had been eaten head first (Image: Viral Press)”People brought the snake into the hamlet and started splitting it,” said police chief Agung Ramos.

“It turned out that my suspicions were correct, and there was a body within the snake.”

“Unfortunately, the victim was deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly

Wa was later buried in a traditional manner.

It is not uncommon for giant pythons to attack humans, and according to Cornell University Professor Dr. Harry W. Greene, a human can be swallowed whole in about an hour.

He also stated that once the attack begins, mankind will be unable to save themselves.

“It would be incredibly tough for me to preserve my life without support – it wouldn’t take very long and it would be horrific,” the expert told USA Today in 2017.

“The stomach acid of the snake would digest a person’s body.”

According to a recent US government investigation, similar attacks like the one that killed Wa Tiba could occur in the United States.

“We cannot rule out the likelihood of a lethal attack,” the study stated.

“The situation is likely similar to that experienced with alligators in suburban areas and parks in Florida that contain ponds, canals, or other bodies of water where large snakes could feel at home: attacks are improbable but possible in any location where the animals are present and people are also present.”

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