OPTICAL ILLUSION: Find the second ‘tiger’ in this photo

OPTICAL ILLUSION: Find the second ‘tiger’ in this photo

You’re wiser than others if you can find the hidden message in this photograph.

The visual puzzle asks you to locate the “hidden tiger” in the forest scene – and it’s more difficult than you may imagine.



That’s because the artwork features two large cats, one of which is considerably simpler to recognise than the other.

Rather than a second tiger, the image features the caption “the secret tiger” beside the pretty evident striped predator in the middle.

In order to solve the fiendishly difficult challenge, you must first locate this paragraph.

The optical illusion has been around for a long time and keeps reappearing on platforms like Reddit.

It’s also a common test to send to friends through messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Many individuals believe that the image’s crowded scenery obscures the message.

Those looking for a clue, on the other hand, should pay closer attention to the tiger itself.

The inscription is hidden in the tiger’s fur, which is camouflaged as the creature’s famous black stripes.

The lettering slithering around the tiger’s body can be seen if you look closely at its torso and rear leg.

Optical illusions are typically amusing, but they can also be useful to scientists.

The brain puzzles aid researchers in learning more about the mind’s inner workings and how it responds to its surroundings.

In 2017, University of Sydney scientists Kim Ransley and Alex O. Holcombe highlighted the importance of illusions in our understanding of the brain.

The pair said in The Conversation, “Visual illusions show us that we don’t have direct access to reality.”

“They can also provide us a glimpse of the brain processing that results in our perception of the visible world.”

“In fact, many illusions are caused by the processing that takes on inside our heads.

“Rather than transmitting information from our eyes in nearly unprocessed form, like a camera would, the brain tries to figure out what is truly out there.”

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