Team Muhafiz will teach history and address social issues

Team Muhafiz will teach history and address social issues

Pakistan is getting an animated children’s television programme for the first time. Team Muhafiz, a joint project of Geo and the ISPR, aims to address societal issues while also teaching the younger generation about Pakistan’s history, forces, and patriotism.

Teens will confront social problems in the name of peace and harmony in this series. Sajal Aly, Ahsan Khan, Wahaj Ali, Dananeer Mobeen, Syed Shafaat Ali, Nayyar Ejaz, and others are among the cast members.

Meherbano Qissa The show is being made with the army in mind, according to Ka actor Khan, who voices the character Havildar Farman. “Pakistan’s saviours eliminate every danger and negativity in the country. These heroes, who are made up of one captain and four to five team members, do the same.” According to him, each episode was created to address a distinct subject, thus each episode will have a unique tale.


Khan argues that there isn’t enough content for the younger generation. “I’ve always believed that we haven’t done enough for children because there aren’t enough programmes for them.” Team Muhafiz, I feel, will add to it. The programme places a high importance on patriotism, harmony, and national heroes, as well as history, which will educate the audience.”

Drug abuse, the beggar mafia, and kidnapping are among the social problems shown in the cartoon series, according to comedian and TV host Shafaat. “When we look through our publications, we see adverts for janitors of a specific religion. There isn’t anything like that in our series. The main character is of a different religion, as are many of the other characters in the episode.

“When we see someone with a beard, dressed in shalwar above ankles wearing kheri (Peshawari chappal) we automatically see them in a negative way, that in the end this character would be a villain. The stereotyping in our society is very [prevalent] and we refuse to accept it because we believe it is not our issue. So Team Muhafiz rubbishes all these ideologies and concepts and is about celebrating inclusivity.”

Shafaat continued, “Going into the details of the tale itself, “In the programme, there is a Pathan character who is really upbeat. There is a drug mafia with a villainous boss and another man working behind him. A female from Hunza, a Hindu from Sindh, and a Christian from Quetta make up Team Muhafiz. We’re attempting to depict the religious unity that exists in our country, as well as how our society caters to more than just the general population, a single faith, or a single race. There are people of all faiths in Pakistan, which we would depict in the show.”

Team Muhafiz, according to Shafaat, is a “localised” version of DC and Marvel Comics in which a team is tackling real-world problems rather than “chasing aliens or Greek gods.” “Everything in the show is realistic, and the team is fighting something that is there in front of us, things that we don’t often talk about or have trouble expressing to youngsters. It accurately depicts our local superheroes in the sense that they don’t have superpowers but do everything through volunteerism “He went on to explain.

The comedian is portraying Zane, a Christian youngster whose parents were killed in a Quetta church attack. He is motivated by the desire to exact vengeance on those who contribute to extremism and intolerance in society.

The show will premiere on GEO on June 27 and will consist of ten episodes ranging in length from 12 to 13 minutes each. Aly will play Parinaaz, Mobeen will play Mahnur, Wahaj will play Reza, Adeel Khan will play Badshah Khan, Ejaz will play Rawka, and Nimra Rafiq will play Aarya.

Imran Azhar, the CEO of AzCorp Comics, returned to Pakistan last year after nearly two decades overseas and founded a tiny publishing house that published Team Muhafiz, a comic book series about a bunch of ethnically and religiously diverse young athletes who combat injustice in Karachi.

Child abuse, drug misuse, kidnapping, corruption, and ecology were among the numerous subjects addressed in the series. In addition to showcasing Pakistan’s multi-ethnicity, Team Muhafiz aimed to promote women’s empowerment and a positive body image.

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