Today Gold Rate in Pakistan | 13 June 2022

Today Gold Rate in Pakistan | 13 June 2022

Today Gold Rate in Pakistan on 13 June 2022 is  Rs. 140,000  per tola for 24-karat of the precious metal in the local bullion market. It is to be noted that Gold Rates are usually same throughout the country with difference of few hundred rupees across cities. It is also to be noted that the Gold Price in Pakistan changes several times a day and the post is updated with the latest rates.


on 13 June 2022, the gold rate in Pakistan for a single tola of 24-karat gold is  140,000 per tola, and this rate will be consistent across the country with only minor variances of a few hundred rupees between towns. These gold prices in Pakistan are obtained from the Karachi or Multan gold markets. The rates are updated at least twice a day, and the post is updated throughout the day.

According to the bullion market, the price of 22-karat gold in Pakistan is Rs. 128,333  per tola.



Gold Rate
24K Gold Rate Today
22K Gold Rate Today
per Tola Gold
Rs. 140000
Rs. 128333
per 10 Grams
Rs. 120027
Rs. 110025
per Gram Gold
Rs. 12003
Rs. 11003

This is the Gold Price in Pakistan Today, including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Quetta and Multan, The gold rates are similar throughout the different cities with only a few hundred rupees difference.

Please refer to your local gold dealers / jewelers for more accurate gold rates as per the market in your city.

Gold is a word that connotes purity, elegance, and wealth. In our subcontinent culture, gold is commonly utilised as jewellery, and its demand spikes around wedding seasons. Find the newest Gold pricing in Pakistan Today by purity, either 18, 20, 22, or 24 carats, if you plan to produce gold jewellery.

Demand, interest rates, state taxes, gold dealers, bullion associations, transit expenses, fabrication charges, and other factors can all affect gold rates from city to city. Gold is a popular investment tool throughout the world, but especially in Pakistan.


1 Tola Gold Price in Pakistan is Rs. 141,000 as latest updated price on 1 June 2022


The price of gold is commonly calculated in fractions, such as 22/24 for 22 Karat gold. The 22k gold, on the other hand, contains 8.33 percent alloy metal and 91.67 percent gold. As a result, a 22K 10gm gold bar has 9.1666 grammes of gold.



Tola is measured differently in different countries. In Pakistan, however, one tola equals 11.663 grammes.

Gold has been widely utilised in Pakistan for numerous years; many Pakistani women are likely to wear gold as an accessory, while others will use it as a feasible investment. However, if we were talking about gold prices, the price of gold is accumulated in the London Bullion Market and occasionally by the IMF, and they have sole jurisdiction to set gold standards and prices.

Apart from that, the price of gold is not fixed and fluctuates from time to time due to a variety of variables. Because Pakistani Rupees are typically considered a cheap currency in comparison to other foreign currencies, the gold rate in Pakistan is always higher. Similarly, if we look at Pakistan’s gold price history, we can see that the rate has never been constant, and the fact is that Pakistan has had catastrophic economic crisis and severe inflation.

Aside from that, the gold rate has a significant impact due to the following determinants:


The gold price is now affecting Pakistan and other worldwide markets due to the following considerations.

  • When worldwide demand for gold is high, the price will follow suit.
  • When the supply of gold on the market is limited due to central banks’ reserves, the price of gold rises.
  • When interest rates rise, the price of gold rises as well.
  • Because the dollar and gold are so closely linked, as the currency rises, the gold rate rises as well.

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