WATCH VIDEO: Brave Pakistani Man Drives Burning Oil Tanker to Safety

WATCH VIDEO: Brave Pakistani Man Drives Burning Oil Tanker to Safety

In the last few days, Pakistan has had a severe heat wave, which has resulted in a number of fire incidents. The most recent occurrence took place in Quetta, when a fuel-carrying oil tanker caught fire while parked at a gas station.

To avoid a terrible disaster, the driver demonstrated incredible bravery by dashing the burning truck away from the packed area. It is yet unknown whether the fire was caused by heat or a malfunction.

At Qambrani Road in Quetta, the driver, Muhammad Faisal, was spotted driving the burning truck away from the city. Faisal stopped the vehicle and stepped out as soon as he found an empty space on the road away from buildings and people.

Faisal recalled his heroic moment by saying that the truck felt like it was about to explode at any minute. While he was aware of the danger to his own life, he stated that he could not simply stand by. “My primary concern was to save other lives,” he said.

Residents on Qambrani Road observed the entire incident and praised the driver for his incredible bravery while his own safety was in jeopardy. “The provincial government should award this heroic driver a special medal,” Afaq Ahmed, a resident along Qambrani Road, suggested.

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