WATCH VIDEO: Cat Kills Snake on moving road Leaves Netizens in SHOCK

WATCH VIDEO: Cat Kills Snake on moving road Leaves Netizens in SHOCK

While the mongoose is a snake’s worst enemy, did you know that snakes dislike cats as well? Cats, which are natural hunters of slithering and wriggly creatures, are also scared of snakes, as you may know. Snakes can kill cats, however little non-poisonous snakes usually don’t stand a chance against cats because they are much faster.

While cats are genetically programmed to avoid snakes, they merely see them as a fun new toy or a potential prey animal. Cats will hunt and devour little snakes for enjoyment, even if they are well nourished. A video of a cat easily hunting a little snake has gone viral.

‘meowcat happypet’ posted the video on Instagram, where it has received over 32,000 views. It shows a black cat catching a little snake crossing the road with ease. The snake tries to flee, but the cat uses its fangs to catch it. She then appears to be taking the dying snake to her human. After watching the footage, internet users were taken aback and dubbed the cat courageous.


Watch  video below:


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