WATCH VIDEO: Clouds Moving Like a Huge Tsunami Wave Perplexes Internet

WATCH VIDEO: Clouds Moving Like a Huge Tsunami Wave Perplexes Internet

When residents in Cincinnati, Ohio, witnessed clouds rushing towards their homes like huge tsunami waves, they were afraid and perplexed. The moving wave-like cloud structure gave the appearance that the landscape was being devoured by a tsunami.

The mesmerising video first went popular on Reddit and has since spread across other social media platforms. “I was under the notion it was a tsunami I’ve never seen clouds like this before,” the Reddit post’s caption stated. The post has received 100k upvotes on Reddit, and it has received over 804k views on Twitter.

Rolling clouds, also known as arcus clouds, are a type of uncommon weather occurrence. Rolling clouds are often associated with violent thunderstorms, strong gusty winds, heavy rain or hail showers, as well as thunder and lighting, according to the Met Office.


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The tsunami-like clouds awed viewers, and several people who had previously seen them shared their experiences in comments. “I saw clouds like this once while driving and slammed on my brakes since it seemed like a giant wave was ready to fall down on us,” one person remarked. Another user said, “It was fantastic, incredibly beautiful after I realised I wasn’t going to die.”

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