WATCH VIDEO: During a storm, a massive lightning bolt strikes a tree

WATCH VIDEO: During a storm, a massive lightning bolt strikes a tree

Lightning strikes have catastrophic repercussions and are one of the major causes of weather-related deaths. It is general knowledge that standing under a tree during a thunderstorm can be quite dangerous. When lightning strikes, though, people continue to seek refuge in trees. A video that has gone viral now demonstrates how deadly such acts may be. A video posted to Twitter shows a lightning bolt striking a tree in the middle of the trunk. The exact location of the incident is unknown.

Trees are more likely to attract lightning when it travels to the ground due to their h eight. The video has startled internet users. “This is why you should never stand under a tree during a storm,” Wonder of Science captioned the video on Twitter. “Photo courtesy of tomasgesu/TikTok.”

The video has gone viral, and many have shared their opinions about it. “Not standing beneath a tree during a rainstorm should be as common information to everyone as not touching a fire – yet we still see people trying to keep their hair dry during such a storm,” one person said. “Darwinism will never be out of fashion.” “Standing under a tree is literally the worst place to be,” said another. During a hurricane, this is the most dangerous location to be.”

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