WATCH VIDEO: Tiger hunting duck is duped into playing hide-and-seek.

WATCH VIDEO: Tiger hunting duck is duped into playing hide-and-seek.

Tigers are strong swimmers and are frequently seen hunting in water. Tigers are lone hunters who prefer to remain alone, unlike lions who hunt in prides. Tigers do, however, occasionally leave their seclusion to hunt or mate.

A video of a hungry tiger out and about in a lake, attempting to hunt a duck, has gone viral. While tigers may swim well, water is a duck’s domain, and the duck knows the lake like the back of its hand. As a result, when a tiger attempted to hunt this duck swimming in its lake, the duck decided to have some fun with the tiger.

‘Buitengebieden’ tweeted a video of a duck peacefully swimming and then diving underwater to hide from a tiger approaching slowly. From behind the tiger, the duck emerges from the water. The tiger appears befuddled, and the duck swims away unhurt. The video was deemed hilarious by Twitter users, and it has received over 4.8 million views.


Watch video here:

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