WATCH VIDEO: Woman stunned as an ostrich enter its head into her car

WATCH VIDEO: Woman stunned as an ostrich enter its head into her car

When a woman and her companion went to a safari park in Mississippi, something hilarious happened. She was startled when an ostrich in quest of food put its head through the car window. The event was captured on tape and uploaded online.

Chloe Benham, 22, and her buddy Stephen Malon went to Safari Wild Animal Park in Como, Mississippi. Her car window was wide open, and she was holding a bag of corn. Chloe was startled as the ostrich went straight for the bag. In the footage, she can be heard screaming out loud, terrified.

While she was initially taken aback, they laughed it off as she regained her composure. “I think I laughed the loudest I’ve ever laughed in my life.” We did saw ostriches after this because there were a lot of them on the grounds of the animal park. Before they could get another chance to pop their head in the car, I made sure to roll up my window. “I’d really like to get over my aversion to ostriches before I die,” Chloe told the Mirror.


“Chloe grew up around farm animals and LOVED goats so she was very excited too. I never expected her to be scared of any of them, let alone an ostrich. Neither of us knew what was coming,” Stephen said.

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