WATCH VIRAL VIDEO: Woman’s Getting Inside The Car Will Give You New Fitness Goals

WATCH VIRAL VIDEO: Woman’s Getting Inside The Car Will Give You New Fitness Goals

On Instagram, a video of a fitness enthusiast getting into her car in an unusual way has gone viral. As she entered the car through the window, the woman wearing a crop top and track trousers was filmed attempting a headstand. She then gets into the driver’s seat and starts driving her car away. Kavy, a digital designer and nutritionist with 1.2 million Instagram followers, has been confirmed as the woman. She continues to inspire netizens by releasing various videos of her workout and fitness routine.

She captioned the video as, ”My Style of sitting in a Car, Tag a Fitness Freak.” Since being shared, the video has amassed more than 476,802 likes, and several comments.

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People were in awe of her fitness after watching the video, which went viral. While some praised her deed, others speculated that she must have been aided by someone who dragged her inside the vehicle. Despite this, the video has inspired people to achieve huge fitness goals.

“Andar vehicle me koi to tha jisne aapko girne se bachaya hai, Matter behind the scenes re baba,” one person said. “Aapne toh ladko ko bhi piche chor diya, proud of you,” said another user. “Get khol kr jaati to mere khyal se or assani hoti, public don’t try this…otherwise,” a third joked. I’m missing. Jana pd jaaye jana pd jaaye jana pd jaaye

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