You’re in the top 1% if you can find all the 7s in this mind-bending optical illusion. How many do you think you can see?

You’re in the top 1% if you can find all the 7s in this mind-bending optical illusion. How many do you think you can see?

You’re in the top 1% if you can find all the number 7s in this mind-bending optical illusion – how many can you find?

Hectic Nick, a TikTok star, shared the visual brain teaser on social media, warning his 3.9 million followers that “just 1% of people can discover all the 7s in the image.”

Optical Illusion

Many people were stumped by the mind-blowing optical illusionCredit: TikTok

The mind-blowing optical illusion perplexed a lot of people, and the post received nearly 13,000 comments from visitors who shared their thoughts.


Some people said there were 17, while others said there were up to 28.

Nick, dressed in a leather jacket and mirrored sunglasses, sat in front of the camera and challenged everyone to guess the image over his head – but he doesn’t divulge the answer.

So, how many 7s do you think you can spot?

“I recognised 1 right away and ended up with 17,” one spectator stated.

“28 if you count the ones that don’t close and the beginning of each line,” wrote another.

“No, it’s 19,” remarked a third.

Hectic TikToker Nick has shared scores of thought-provoking optical illusions with his fans, who are enthralled by his brainteasers.

You’ll be blown away by a mind-bending optical illusion of Egyptian pyramids – but not everyone can see it.

“What you’re about to see is going to terrify you out,” he says in the video to his followers.

An optical illusion in another film confuses your mind by making you see colour in black and white.

Color is frequently used in optical illusions to mislead the human brain, as Hectic Nick has demonstrated.

Nick shows two photos that show how an optical illusion can trick your brain into thinking a black-and-white image is coloured.

First, the content provider published a brilliant blue, orange, and purple-hued image of a building complex.

A black dot is in the centre of the image, which TikToker encourages users to focus on.

In the 17-second film, Nick says, “Keep your eyes on this black dot, do so for roughly ten seconds.”

After a few moments, the image fades from oversaturated to black-and-white.

However, if viewers focus on the black dot as directed, the image seems to be in colour for a brief instant.

“Pay attention to what happens today because things are changing. “I bet you saw some colour when it changed because this image is black and white,” Nick replied.

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